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About us

Kitchen Mate (Previously Hospitality Procurement Group) started as a way for cafes, restaurants and pubs to gain access to better prices for their produce and wholesale supplies.

The idea started in the UK where economies of scale mean restaurant chains have a huge advantage on receiving better food prices for their meats, poultry, dry & frozen goods and produce.

Having worked for the suppliers in the industry and seeing the difference in prices being charged the founder Geoff Philcox decided to bring this idea back to Australia. By organising restaurants to purchase as a collective meant that they effectively become a chain and achieve preferential pricing on their food bill.

We save our member restaurants on average $42,248.10 at a savings percentage of 24% on their food costs annually.

We offer free comparisons to work out the savings for our members before they join so they know exactly how much they stand to save.

We have a focus to bring our members the best priced core items that they purchase.

This includes for restaurants & pubs: well priced meats like cheap striploin or porterhouse steak, eye fillet or tenderloin, the cheapest chicken breast and chicken breast schnitzels, quality salmon, butter, cream, ham and mozzarella cheese. We also negotiate cheap prices for all fruit & veg like broccolini, broccoli, potatoes, cheap avocadoes (by far), carrots, onions, pumpkin and all herbs.

For cafes, we focus on getting our members the best quality and well priced avocadoes and we achieve this all year round. We also maintain very well priced spinach, rocket and salad mix. We also get the cheapest kale, broccolini and cherry tomatoes and micro herbs on the market.

Our mission

Kitchen Mate’s mission is to support local restaurants and help them find and purchase high quality foods at low prices including meats, poultry, seafood, dry & frozen goods, fruit & veg, small goods and coffee.

We have achieved this with hundreds of happy customers and we are now making the experience even better by launching our online ordering system where you can order from all of your suppliers in our all-in-one easy to use ordering system.

“Kitchen Mate has allowed me to focus on operations and service. Keeping my food costs low is one thing I don’t need to worry about anymore”

- Emma Stephens
Artis Cafe

Premium Quality

We deliver great prices, but never at the expense of quality. Our group only works with reputable, honest suppliers that share our members' love of good food.

Unbeatable Industry-Leading Prices

Are you sick of negotiating prices only for them to float back up? We negotiate constantly on behalf of our clients to make sure you are getting the best price every day so you don’t have to.

We are a 100% FREE service

We are a free service to our members - forever!

Message from the Kitchen Mate team

During the peak of the COVID pandemic many restaurants realised the need to maintain healthy profit margins on their food.

Chefs & restaurant owners have a hard enough job without having to constantly check prices and shop around for the best deal for their ingredients. With fluctuating prices it is easy to become complacent.

If only you had someone whose job it was to make sure you are always getting the best price (on everything not just your fast moving items.

If only you had that added buying power to further ensure the best deals in the market whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Kitchen Mate does exactly this! We are a buying co-operative whose only job is to attain the best prices with the best suppliers for our members.

Kitchen Mate was born from ex hospitality professionals having worked in all aspects of the industry. At first we added friends and family to the group to gain the benefits but it has now grown exponentially with hundreds of members and millions in spend.

It all started in Melbourne, the capital of food & beverage of Australia where we know that its not all about price but quality and service and what we have today is the perfect balance.

Get a free comparison done today to see how much you can save by becoming a member.

From the Kitchen Mate Team

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